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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Aug 8, 2013 4:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Does anyone know where I can find a professional escort in Dubai?? - yes

I met a dozen or so Dubai-bound hooker-tourists while I was working in Qatar in 1994. They were fresh off the bus from Moscow. Too bad for them their non-stop flight from Moscow -- to the "very open" muslim emirate of Dubai -- was diverted instead to the "very strict" muslim state of Qatar. That's how I met these hooker-tourists in downtown Doha. They still had their huge nookie-glory-attitudes. What-up with that, you ask? I was asking myself the same question in 1994.

It was common for hooker-tourists, businessmen, and middle-class workers from Russia and the former Soviet Union to vacation in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. That's why non-stop flights flew regularly from Moscow to Dubai. But this time these hookers flew into UAE, there was an AIDS epidemic "scare" occurring in Dubai. So, no more (hooker) flights from Moscow were being allowed to land in Dubai for a month or so! Everyone in Doha and Qatar was shocked to learn that these Dubai-bound hooker-tourist flights were being allowed, instead, to fly into Doha (for the first time)! Newspapers ran a story about "new Russian tourists" given Visit Visas for Qatar. That's when I investigated the scene for myself. Then I met the first plane-load of hookers on the streets of downtown Doha, outside their hotel.

They wanted me to go into the hotel with them, and go into their rooms. Are you kidding me? If someone complained or objected to seeing this, and they called The Police, do you know what would happen to us? It's very bad, trust me.

Instead, I took three of the best-looking hookers in a cab -- on a 'bet' -- and we headed over to The Sheraton Hotel for a beer. Probably the riskiest and dumbest thing I ever did in sixty-two years. I don't even drink! The Doha Sheraton was the only joint in town that served alcohol to guests. But you had to be a non-Muslim expatriate, with a visit visa, you had to be a guest of The Sheraton hotel, and you had to show all your papers to security at the door of their lounge. The bar was located on the top floor of their hotel. I explained this shit to the hookers while we were in the cab as we headed over there. I said to them, "Don't say anything when we get there, until we 'get in'. I'll do all the talking."

When the elevator doors opened at the top floor of The Doha Sheraton, I quickly scanned to see which way we go (since I've never been there before!). I spotted the security team there. We approached them with a vibrant stride. Without pause, without missing a beat, we strode right past them. I waved and I said, They're with me. As-salam alaykum (peace be with you)." Security waved back to me and we entered the lounge. Like pros, the hookers worked the bartender real quick. We were served our drinks! I drank my beer and then I went home. The hookers stayed there. I went back to work the next day and you can see me taping stuff for Qatar Cablevision operations.

"11 a.m. in Doha -- it's 10 p.m. "last night" in Denver -- time to smoke a bowl"